19 January 2016

Disney Cinderella Ready for Ball Beauty Book review


Today i'm going to review Disney Cinderella Ready for the Ball Beauty Book that I bought these past December on my local Walgreen's. These beauty book contains 9 eye shadows, 2 blushes, 1 brush, 1 eyeliner and 1 lip gloss.

The names of 9 nine eye shadows are:

  1. Royalty
  2. Glass Slipper
  3. Princess
  4. Fairy Godmother
  5. Dream
  6. Gus Gus
  7. Miracle
  8. Tweet
  9. Kingdom
The names of the two blushes:
  1. Sweet Nightingale
  2. Royal Ball
The eyeliner is called: Midnight
The lip gloss is called This is Love

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